Ring vs Simplisafe: Which Home Security System Is the Best?

Installing a home security system to protect your loved ones and valuables need not be expensive anymore! Today, you can purchase a modern, affordable, and do-it-yourself home security system with no long-term contract required.  Ring Alarm Home System and Simplisafe are the top contenders when it comes to affordable, DIY home security solutions. In this … Read more

Konnected Review – A Modern Upgrade for your Wired Alarm System

Does your home already have a wired security system but you hate the fact that it is only usable by signing a contract with exorbitant monitoring fees? Don’t want to buy all new equipment and deal with replacing batteries in the new wireless sensors? Read on for the full Konnected review of the alarm system … Read more

20 Alarm Companies with No Contract

iSmartAlarm DIY security system with no monthly fees and no contract

Finding a great alarm company can be a hassle, especially when you are looking for one without a contract. Most security systems tease a low installation and equipment cost to lock you in for years of high prices. If you are looking to keep your home safe without the hassle of a contract, then this … Read more

How to Fortify A Door

The doors to your home is essential in welcoming guests but at the same time can be an entry point for unwanted guests. According to FBI compiled crime data, burglars mostly break into your home through doors rather than breaking and climbing through windows. So, your first defense against intruders is to make sure your … Read more

GreenIQ Smart Watering For Your Home

Tired of paying outrageous water bills? For savvy homeowners who love technology, you can now manage your sprinkler watering system using the GreenIQ Smart Garden and integrate it with your home automation system. Smart irrigation controllers are actually not new. There are plenty of products in the market, such as RainMachine, Blossom, Orbit B-hyve, and … Read more

How to Set Up Hue Sync to Work With Steamlink

Can you imagine playing your favorite games on Steam Link while your room lighting changes according to the display on your TV/ monitor? Sounds cool right? If you’d love to intensify your gaming experience with smart bulbs working on the background, then you should read this post. We’ll show you how you can set up … Read more