4 Common Mistakes When Installing Soffit Lighting

We all want our home to look modern and inviting. One way is to add soffit lighting to light the exterior of your home.  It looks great and adds additional security lighting too!  Soffit lighting adds a dramatic accent to your home, especially during the evening as long as it is done properly. Otherwise, you … Read more

How to Install LED Soffit Lights Under Your Eaves as Security Lighting

How to - Installing LED soffit lights as security Lighting feature

If you’re anything like me, you like the idea of security lighting but don’t love the look of installing under eave house lighting all around your home. Instead, I opted for recessed soffit lights under the eaves for a clean and unobtrusive installation as a source of security lighting. Soffit provides the architectural structure of your … Read more

Best Motion Sensor Lights: A Comprehensive Review

ChristyHi, I’m Christy, and I’m an electronics engineer by profession. I have taught in a university for 2 years while pursuing my master’s degree in cognitive radio and worked for a company to develop wireless medical devices. Currently, I’m doing research for a doctorate degree in engineering using a wireless sensor network for smart agriculture. I’ve … Read more