GreenIQ Smart Watering For Your Home

Tired of paying outrageous water bills? For savvy homeowners who love technology, you can now manage your sprinkler watering system using the GreenIQ Smart Garden and integrate it with your home automation system.

Smart irrigation controllers are actually not new. There are plenty of products in the market, such as RainMachine, Blossom, Orbit B-hyve, and Netro Sprite. This product from GreenIQ is a bit pricey compared to its counterpart products. However, there are features that this smart garden hub boasts that you won’t find with other irrigation controllers.

The Best Features of GreenIQ Smart Irrigation Hub






  • GreenIQ web interface and app for remote monitoring
  • Connects via Wi-Fi or ethernet
  • Adapts to weather conditions
  • Detects leaks, blockages, and fire
  • Supports various home automation integrations



  • Schedules watering based on weather condition
  • Provides leak protection
  • Dedicated app for remote monitoring
  • Works with popular smart-home platforms
  • Provides optional weatherproof enclosure



  • Comes with easy iOS and web app
  • Irrigation schedule is automated based on updated weather data
  • Open API
  • Supports Alexa
  • Cloud independent

Orbit B-hyve


  • Dedicated B-Hyve app for remote monitoring
  • Connects via Wi-Fi
  • Can schedule irrigation based on weather conditions
  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Offers lots of customization options
  • Works with Android and iOS

If you’re not a green thumb but loves seeing green in your backyard, you can still manage your lawns and gardens while saving half of your monthly water bills with GreenIQ smart irrigation hub. But how does it do it?

The smart irrigation system from an Israeli IoT startup boasts efficient algorithms to optimize the watering schedule and adapt to weather changes automatically. The device comes into two different models which can cover either 8 zones or 16 zones, a typical set-up for most residential operations. It comes with the GreenIQ app where remotely control and view the watering, irrigation scheduling, and water usage report. You can set up your local zip code so that the device can ping to the nearest weather station and forecast weather conditions.

According to GreenIQ, their smart irrigation hub should help homeowners save up to 50% on their monthly water bills. Moreover, their device is WaterSense certified. This means that you could enjoy rebates from utility companies (depending on where you live), giving you even more savings.

In other words, there’s a chance it pays for itself in short order!

Home Automation Compatibility

Okay, so you’re now convinced to get a smart watering system like the GreenIQ installed in your garden and are ready to go shopping. But wait - shouldn’t you check the compatibility of the product with your home automation system first?

We hate the hassle of incompatibility issues, but thankfully, the GreenIQ smart hub plays nice with IFTTT, Amazon Echo, Nest, Control4, Google Home, Apple Watch, Netatmo, and many other devices.

You can also use the GreenIQ smart hub as a command center with various soil moisture meters such as Koubachi and Parrot Flower Power so you can efficiently monitor and manage watering schedules. You can even use the master channel for your fertilizer tank and water pump so that all your gardening activities can be monitored and taken cared of through your app.

Lastly, GreenIQ also considers the safety of homeowners in case of fire accidents that is why their device is integrated with the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm. What it does is that it runs the full irrigation system for 20 minutes to all the stations when the device detects a fire so that your lawn or garden is damp enough to prevent spreading the fire.

I’m not sure you’ll take any comfort in the fact that your neighbor’s house didn’t also burn down as yours smolders, but why not give it a shot?

GreenIQ Connectivity and App


Aside from connecting to Wifi (just like the other smart irrigation controllers), GreenIQ also provides you the option to connect through the Ethernet. Wifi may sound more convenient for most people since it is easier to connect devices on your home. But for some people who have concerns about system security hacking or signal strength problems, this option could be convenient and more reliable.

Aside from the app, GreenIQ also provides a web interface so you can access the system using your computer. Of course, the app will be more convenient if you’re outside or on the go to manage your sprinkler system.

The GreenIQ app is user-friendly, easy to navigate and simple to use. You can simply go through the app to control your system.  You can adjust watering schedules, check weather conditions and evapotranspiration levels, and view water savings reports. Moreover, the app is already pre-programmed to work nicely with other sensors so you don’t have to worry about interface issues.

Wrapping things up…

If you’re a savvy homeowner who loves automating things at home, then the GreenIQ is definitely worth an investment. There are many irrigation controllers available in the market which can be less expensive than GreenIQ, but provided its features, flexibility and convenience, it actually provides more value than what you pay for.

GreenIQ continues to expand its partnership so you can expect it to become more flexible and friendly to use with other sensors or devices. Overall, it’s not just a smart sprinkler controller but also an all-in-one solution for your yard or garden automation.


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