Compare the Best Home Automation Products

Interested in home automation but not sure where to start?

Don’t expect a site like Amazon to list all of the features that you care about for every product you find. They can’t with all of their products.

So, we’ve pulled specs for the best home automation ideas and products together on one page to help you find reliable smart home products.

Finding the Best Smart Home Products

Regardless of your chosen home automation protocol, we’ll help you sort the wheat from the chaff by letting you quickly find the products with features that matter to you. Just browse through the tables below to get started:

Want to compare home automation system features and cost?

Our focus here is on home automation sensors and devices. Open our smart home system comparison page in a new tab to shop systems and compare costs.

Compare Smart Garage Door Openers

Nobody likes the feeling of getting 10 minutes down the road and wondering if they forgot to close the garage. With these solutions, you can take care of that without U-turns by connected via your smart phone to your Z-Wave or WiFi garage door opener.

Solution# of Doors SupportedCost ($)ProtocolNotes
Garageioup to 3200 - 220WiFiIFTTT support
Gogogateup to 3135WiFiIFTTT support
Chamberlain MyQ1110WiFi
Linear GD00Z-4190Z-WaveMore secure than relay solutions
Linear FS20Z-1 + Tilt sensor163Z-Wave
Smart outlet + Relay + Tilt sensor172AnySee our how-to guide!

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Compare Motion Sensors

Getting a reliable motion sensor setup can be tricky business, which makes it even more important to look for features like sensitivity adjustments to adjust for pets and changing light conditions when purchasing a motion sensor for your smart home system.

NameProtocolCost ($)Default Turn off delay (s)Sensitivity AdjustmentOutdoor*Light SensorTemp. SensorNotes
Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-SensorZ-Wave49240YesYesYesNo- Humidity
- False alarms outdoors
- Goes through batteries quickly
Ecolink PIR Motion SensorZ-Wave35240YesNoNoNo- Configurable turn off
- Very sensitive
Enerwave Motion SensorZ-Wave40180YesNoNoNo- Ceiling mount
Fibaro Motion SensorZ-Wave6030YesNoYesYes- Vibration
- Lots of electronic configuration options
Linear Motion DetectorZ-Wave43180NoNoNoYes
Monoprice Motion DetectorZ-Wave30?YesNoNoYes- Often misses motion
- Slow activating
Schlage RS200HC Motion SensorZ-Wave55240YesNoNoNo- Very sensitive
SmartThings SmartSense Motion SensorZigbee4930NoNoNoNo
WeMo Motion Sensor KitWiFi73 (kit w/ switch)3NoNoNoNo- Loses communication with SmartThings hub

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Compare Smart Light Bulbs

Not every application is well-suited for smart light bulbs. In many situations, you might choose to go with a smart light switch instead. But in lamps and some single bulb applications where the use of the light is nearly entirely automated, the cost savings of a $15 smart light bulb rather than a $30 Z-Wave light switch can be pretty compelling.

BulbPrice ($)ProtocolRGB?IFTTT?Native hub/kit pricingLight Output (lm)Color Temp (K)FloodEnergy Usage (A19)Longevity (hrs)
Aeotec Bulb (site)50Z-WaveYesN/AN/A2580-7050950000
Belkin Wemo LED (site)30ZigbeeNoYes$50 Wemo Link + 2 bulbs80030009.525000
Cree Connected (site)15ZigbeeNoN/AN/A815270011.525000
GE Link (site)15ZigbeeNoNo$50 Wink or $30 Link8002830BR30 & PAR361225000
Philips Hue Lux (site)20ZigbeeNoYes$80 Hue bridge + 2 bulbs7502640925000
Lifx (site)80WiFiYesYesN/A10002500-90001725000
Lifx White 80040WiFiNoYesN/A8901125000
Lifx Color 650100WiFiYesYesN/A65011.525000
Ilumi bulb (site)90Bluetooth LEYesNoN/A8002000-8000PAR301315000
Linear Linc LB60Z (site)30Z-WaveNoNoN/A7502700925000
Osram Lightify (site)33ZigbeeNoNo$57 Gateway + 1 bulb8052700-6500PAR169.520000

Compare Home Automation Light Switches

Even with your smart lighting solution, you’re still going to want a way to manually switch your lights on. That’s where a smart light switch comes in. Some of these modules can even handle fans, appliances, and other small motors. Just check the power needs of your application against the maximum rating in the table below.

PriceProtocolDimmer?Power HandlingSize (HxWxD)
Belkin WeMo Light Switch (site)50WiFiNo1800 W
Evolve 3-Way Switch (LTM-5)48Z-WaveNo1800 W4.5"x2.75"x1.75"
Evolve Wall Mounted Dimmer (LRM-1000)50Z-WaveYes1000 W4.5"x2.75"x1.75"
Evolve Wall Mounted Switch (LSM-15) 49Z-WaveNo1800 W4.5"x2.75"x1.75"
Evolve Contact Relay (LFM-20) 45Z-WaveNo3"x1.875"x1.5"
GE Wall Switch (12722) (site)40Z-WaveNo1800 W
GE BLE Dimmer (13870)42Bluetooth LENo1800 W
Nortek Wall Dimmer (WD500Z-1) (site)35Z-WaveYes500 W
Nortek Wall Dimmer (WD1000Z-1) (site)59Z-WaveYes1000 W
Nortek 3-Way Switch (WT00Z-1) (site)35Z-WaveYes
Nortek Contact Relay (FS20Z-1) (site)35Z-WaveNo250 VAC, 1 HP
Quirky+GE Tapt (site)60WiFiNo1800 W
Insteon Dimmer (2477D) (site)50InsteonYes600 W4.2"x1.8"x1.2"
Insteon 1000W Dimmer (2477DH) (site)70InsteonYes1000 W4.2"x2.5"x1.2"
Insteon 2 Wire Dimmer (2477DWH) (site)50Insteon RFYes600 W4.2"x1.8"x1.2"
Insteon Switch (2477S) (site)50InsteonNo1800 W4.2"x1.8"x1.47"
Insteon Dimmer Toggle (2466DW) (site)50InsteonYes600 W4.1"x1.7"x1.41"
Insteon Toggle Switch (2466SW) (site)50InsteonNo13 A resistive4.1"x1.7"x1.41"
X10 Wall Switch (WS13A) (site)27X10No1800 W4.8"x3"x2.4"
X10 Dimmable Wall Switch (WS12A) (site)21X10Yes500 W

Compare Smart Outlets

Need to control a lamp or a small appliance? Want to water your plants?

These smart outlets and plug-in switches might be just the thing you need.

OutletPriceProtocolNeutral Req'd?Plug-in Module?Dimmer?Power MeterProximity TriggerCapacity (# outlets switched + not)Phys. Size (outlet)PowerNotes
Aeotec Smart Strip (site)93Z-WaveNoYesNoYesNo4 + 216.9"x2.4"1875 W
Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 (site)50Z-WaveNoNoNoYesNo12.3"x2.3"2400 WUSB
Ankuoo Nut (site)BluetoothNoYesNoNoYes14.33"x2.56"
Belkin WeMo Insight (site)50WiFiNoYesNoYesYes*11.5"x2.9"x2.9"IFTTT
Belkin WeMo Switch (site)40WiFiNoYesNoNoNo12.6"x5.3"x2.2"1800 WIFTTT
D-Link Smart Plug (site)40WiFiNoYesNoNoNo13.58"x2.44"x1.42"
D-Link DSP-W215 (site)47WiFiNoYesNoYesNo12.9"x1.4"x3.5"
Edimax WiFi Smart Plug (site)55WiFiNoYesNoYesNo14.125"x2.5"X 1.56"
GE Smart Outlet (site)38Z-WaveYesNoNoNoNo1 + 11800 W
Enverwave Wall Outlet39Z-WaveYesNoNoNoNo1 + 14.6"x3.1"x2.5"
Evolve Wall Outlet (LOM-15)38Z-WaveYesNoNoNoNo1 + 14.5"x2.75"x1.75"1800 W
Evolve Plug-in Dimmer (LDM-15)45Z-WaveNoYesYesNoNo1 + 12.5"x3.75"x1.5"300 W
Evolve Plug-in Outlet (LPM-15) 44Z-WaveNoYesNoNoNo1 + 12.5"x3.75"x1.5"1800 W
GE Plug-in Dimmer (12718) (site)35Z-WaveNoYesYesNoNo11800 W
GE Plug-in Switch (12719) (site)40Z-WaveNoYesNoNoNo16"x4.5"x2.5"1800 W
GE Plug-in Switch (12719) (site)38Bluetooth LENoYesNoNoNo16"x4.5"x2.5"1800 W
GE Plug-in Switch (12719) (site)42Bluetooth LENoYesYesNoNo16"x4.5"x2.5"1800 W
GE Plug-in Outdoor Switch (12720) (site)43Z-WaveNoYesNoNoNo16"x4.5"x2.5"1800 W
Insteon Plug-in Dimmer (2457D2) (site)50InsteonYesYesYesNoNo13.2"x2.05"x1.05"300 W
Insteon Plug-in Switch (2635-222) (site)50InsteonNoYesNoNoNo13.24"x2.08"x1.15"1800 W
Insteon Outdoor Switch (2634-222) (site)50InsteonNoYesNoNoNo14.2" (10.5" w/ cord)x2.75"x1.27"1800 W
Nortek Plug-in Dimmer (PD300Z-2) (site)37Z-WaveNoYesYesNoNo1 + 1300 W
Nortek Plug-in Outlet (PS15Z-2) (site)38Z-WaveNoYesNoNoNo1 + 11800 W
Nortek Wall Outlet (WS15Z-1) (site)34Z-WaveYesNoNoNoNo1 + 11800 W
Nortek Plug-in Dimmer (PD300Z-2) (site)
32Z-WaveNoYesYesNoNo1 + 15.5"x3"x3"500 W
Schlage Plug-in Dimmer (site)20Z-WaveNoYesYesNoNo1 + 11.8"x3.9"x2.5"300 W
SmartThings SmartPower (site)55ZigbeeNoYesNoNoNo12.4"x2.6"x2.4"1440 W
ThinkEco Modlet44WiFiNoYesNoYesNo6"x3.5"x1.5"
Zuli Smartplug55BluetoothNoYesYesYesYes11800 WApple iBeacon, Nest integration

I hope that helped. If you have any thoughts or comments to add about your experiences with any of these, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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