Home Security System Costs Calculator

Home security system costs can be a mixed bag and tough to compare.

Here’s a promise:
We’ll do our best to make it simple to compare apples and oranges so that you can save time finding a system. And, we’ll leave the decision up to you. You won’t see us push a security system that pays us great commissions.

Here’s the problem:
Some companies don’t charge anything upfront for installation or equipment costs and then make you sign a contract and pay higher monthly fees to cover those costs (think cell phone carriers). Those can be good deals for the duration of the contract, but if you’re going to own and operate the system for well past the contract date, then you may be better off negotiating a lower rate with the alarm company after the contract is over or going with an alarm company without a contract from the start.  You can compare companies at https://24-7-home-security.com/compare-top-home-alarm-companies/.

Other home security companies charge you at the time of purchase for the equipment and installation (unless it’s a do it yourself installation) and then have a flat rate with no contract for monitoring services.  These usually have higher costs to purchase the equipment and lower recurring monitoring fees.  To see which alternative will be the best option for you, you can use our cost calculator below to find out which is cheapest in the long run.

Not sure what costs to use?

We have a security system comparison tool that will let you focus on the costs of the systems that have the features that you’re looking for.  Open it up in a new tab and then come back here to see the total cost of the system you’re considering.

Understanding the Cost of Home Security System Ownership

This will give you an idea about how costs add up over the life of a system.

We’re planning on adding manufacturer and system specific costs to this in the future to make things easier for you to figure out. If that’s something you’d like to see, let us know by clicking here.