Ecobee3 vs Nest – Which is Better? [Our VERDICT]

Our Top Picks: Best for Customization Ecobee3 If you are looking for a smart thermostat that works well with Alexa and HomeKit, then Ecobee 3 should be worth your consideration! Plus, it comes with an intricate reporting system, remote sensors, Power Extender Kit, and other useful features, making it one of the hard-to-beat smart thermostats … Read more

Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers: Automated Watering Comparison

Keeping your lawn healthy can be challenging even for the most experienced gardener. But with devices like smart sprinklers, you can easily keep up with the demands of your lawn or garden efficiently with less effort. A smart sprinkler controller is a device that you can install for your lawn or garden to ensure your … Read more

Who Makes the Best Wink Motion Sensors?

Do you want to incorporate motion detectors with your smart devices? Do you want to automate, for example, the lights in your dining room to turn on when someone is around and turn off immediately after some time of inactivity? Well, the good news is that you can easily do that. There are a lot … Read more

How to Make a Smart Ceiling Fan With an Existing Fan

 Where to install your smart fan controller?Thinking of controlling your ceiling fan via your smartphone? Cool… If you already have a separate switch controlling your fan and light, that will be simple. But what if they’re only one switch, and you want to control the fan by itself? I’ll walk you through the process for … Read more

C-Wire on Thermostats: All You Need to Know

Planning to install a smart thermostat before the cold months arrive? First, you need to determine if your current HVAC system can support the device. Most smart thermostats in the market today require a C-wire to function properly. C-wires help ensure that your smart thermostat receives a continuous flow of power to work consistently. Old … Read more

How to Create A Smart Home With Amazon Alexa

Imagine your home that turns on the lights, controls your thermostat, or activates smart cameras at the command of your voice – how cool is that!  Nowadays, almost all devices in your home can be connected to the internet. That is why it is easier than ever. However, if you’re stumped on how to create … Read more

5 Best Ecobee Smart Vents

Our Top Picks: Best Smart Vent Overall FLAIR SMART VENT We think Flair is the best smart vent overall because of its intelligent airflow management system. You could save 30% of your bills and use it with Ecobee and voice assistants. You do need multiple “pucks” if you plan to set it up in multiple … Read more

5 Best Line Voltage Wifi Thermostat for Heating Control [Tips and Shopping GUIDE]

Winter is coming soon and you might start to worry about your high heating bills. If you’re using multiple thermostats to control the climate in every room in your house, why not make them smarter to save on your energy cost? Line voltage thermostats are handy to use when it comes to regulating your home’s … Read more

How to Find the Best Z-Wave Thermostat in 2022

For the past few years, home automation devices have really gone mainstream to make our day to day lives convenient, safe, and more comfortable. And, a smart home wouldn’t be complete without a smart thermostat. They can keep our homes more comfortable by controlling the temperature while lowering monthly energy bills. With so many thermostat … Read more

How to Make A Cheaper Smart Doorbell Sensor in 10 Minutes (Z-Wave, Zigbee, You Name It!)

smart Doorbell Sensor

JodyHi, I’m Jody. I graduated with honors with a Masters of Science in Computer Engineering and have over 15 years of experience working as an engineer with electronics products. I’m a lifelong learner and tinkerer and enjoy automating things around the house so I can solve bigger problems than getting out of bed to check … Read more

Ecobee Humidifier Wiring DIY Guide [All You NEED to Know]

Summer can be devastatingly hot while winter can be so freezing, forcing you to run your heater constantly and drying your skin and sinuses. Don’t fret – you can automate your indoor climate and improve air quality by wiring your humidifier to an Ecobee thermostat. This DIY wiring might sound technically intimidating, especially since you … Read more