Home Automation Without the Cloud – Offline Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems with no cloud

Looking for home automation without the cloud? Don’t want connectivity issues bringing your smart home to its knees? Stick around as I review the best options for a cloud-free smart home automation software for those that want the ultimate in performance and privacy without relying on any outside services. We’ve also written a separate post … Read more

Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tags Review

Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tag Review

JodyHi, I’m Jody. I graduated with honors with a Masters of Science in Computer Engineering and have over 15 years of experience working as an engineer with electronics products. I’m a lifelong learner and tinkerer and enjoy automating things around the house so I can solve bigger problems than getting out of bed to check … Read more

Wink Hub 2 vs SmartThings – Which One Wins? [Our Comparison and VERDICT]

Do you have a growing number of smart home devices and are already fed up with launching multiple apps to control your smart home devices? Using a single application, you can make your devices work together efficiently and even create your own routines that suit your lifestyle. But there are tons of smart home hubs … Read more

Smart Home Hub – Hubitat Review

If you have different smart home devices for everything – locks, security cameras, lights, motion sensors, garage doors, room temperature – a smart home platform to link everything can be a lifesaver. I agree that wishing for a perfect smart home platform is a little like finding a unicorn — impossible. But that doesn’t mean … Read more