Hi, I’m Jody. I graduated with honors with a Masters of Science in Computer Engineering and have over 15 years of experience working as an engineer with electronics products. I’m a lifelong learner and tinkerer and enjoy automating things around the house so I can solve bigger problems than getting out of bed to check … Read more

Best Home Automation Ideas: 34 Smart Hacks

the best home automation ideas on the web

Smart home (or home automation) technology has been around in a serious way since the 90’s, but it was generally reserved for those with big budgets or for the really geeky types who live technology.  But, in the last several years, smart devices, standards, and more importantly, software, has gotten more and more mainstream. Now, … Read more

30+ DIY Home Security Tips, Racked and Stacked

Guide to Affordable Home Security

Looking for quick and effective DIY home security tips? You came to the right place. Let’s get started. Know Thy Enemy – Inside the Mind of a Burglar Before thinking about how to secure your new home, it’s helpful to consider your adversary.  The following have been aggregated from multiple sources including surveys of convicted … Read more

Front Door Security, Start to Stop 70% of Completed Burglaries

Front door security

According to the 2010 DoJ National Crime Victimization Survey, 73.4% of completed burglaries accessed the home through a door.  In other words, a little front door security goes a long way. And, we’ve already seen how taking certain steps to secure our homes can dramatically reduce your risk of burglary. [column type=”two-thirds”][counter num_start=”0″ num_end=”73.4″ num_suffix=”%” … Read more