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How to install security film on your windows and installation tips

In Home Security by Jody2 Comments

Looking for a way to prevent a quick smash and grab robbery? Or, want to beef up your window security to give yourself more time in case of a break-in …

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How Your Security System Could Be Hacked

In Home Security by Christy6 Comments

When it comes to burglary, we often imagine individuals who use brute force or common tools to break into your doors and windows (see how to use a credit card …

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Roomba Lighthouse – How It Works [Our COMPLETE GUIDE]

In Home Security by Christy

Planning to own a Roomba but don’t know how to make them work? You can maximize the cleaning capabilities of your robot vacuum cleaner by setting it up for success …

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Arlo vs Ring Comparison – Which One is Better? [Our VERDICT]

In Home Security Cameras by Christy

Our Top Picks: Best Spotlight Camera Arlo Spotlight Camera Arlo’s wireless security cameras offer high-quality video in 1080p and color night vision to keep an eye of your home day …

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Ring Security System Review: Reliable and Affordable DIY Home Security

In Home Security by ChristyLeave a Comment

For decades, home security systems have provided ways to monitor homes for burglaries and emergencies,  keeping your properties and family safe. The problem is, a lot of these traditional home …

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How to Find the Best Wireless Security Cameras (for Easy Installation!)

In Home Security Cameras by JodyLeave a Comment

Nobody likes crawling around in attics and itching the rest of the day because of fiberglass insulation. So: Why would you? With wireless technology opening up new possibilities, you can …