Why You Should Keep an Eye on Your Babysitter

Whether you’re leaving your kids at home while you go out on a date or leaving them with a nanny every day while you’re at work, you’re trusting someone else with your most precious possessions.

While 9 times out of 10 (or more) nothing bad will happen, we’ll cover the reason you should keep an eye on your babysitter while you’re out.

So, you need to entrust your kids to someone else. If you live close to relatives and they don’t mind watching over the kids, it’s a lucky break for you. But otherwise, hiring the “perfect” nanny can be such a tedious process.

Say for example, you found “the one” meaning the babysitter that you’ve hired has checked your numerous boxes.

That’s awesome! Congratulations

But passing the initial screening isn’t a reason to be complacent. There are a lot of horror stories of thing babysitters do when kids are finally alone with them --- stealing, emotional torture, physical abuse and worst, death.

Take a look at some of these and be the judge yourself.

Taking Cues from Baby

Seeing the changes in her baby, this mommy was prompted to put up a camera and was shocked to see that her nanny is physically abusing her child.

Caught on Cam

These videos show nannies and babysitters abusing kids after being left alone with them.

Worst Ever

Now, these might be extreme but unfortunately, a reality. These you never want to happen to you and your kids.

Thankfully, security cameras are there to record all these. Otherwise, how would we know as parents, what these babysitters we trusted were doing to our kid. Check out these articles on the best wireless security cameras and our security camera comparison to know more and help you decide what’s the best camera for you.

Our key takeaways are to:

  1. Ask for referrals from someone you actually know in addition to your research before hiring.
  2. Conduct a background check - call / ask those who have hired them previously
  3. Install or configure security cameras to monitor what’s going on in your house even when you are not around.

We can never be too complacent when it comes to the safety of our kids.

We are not saying that all babysitters / nannies are bad or that you shouldn’t hire one ever. We just want to encourage you to exercise safety precautions all the time. Afterall, we are entrusting them not with a material thing, but a life --- the life of our precious kids.