8 Alarm Systems with Battery Backup

Are you in a place that has a lot of severe weather and power outages? Maybe the power to your house comes in through a conduit outside.

Do you think a burglar wouldn’t cut you power just to have some extra time to find your stash?

I know you’re smarter than that!

That’s why I put together a list of all of the home security systems with battery backup. That way, you always know what going on at your house when you’re away.

Why Bother With a Battery Backup?

When wading through the sea of options available to you when looking for a home security system, you might be focusing on whether the alarm system will give you the option for remote access via your cellular phone, adjusting the temperature and lighting if you aren’t currently in the house, and how fast it will take for support to call if you if an alarm is triggered. However, one more feature you might want to keep in mind is whether or not your alarm system has a battery backup.

A battery backup might not seem like the most promising feature of a security alarm, but it comes with benefits that you might find just worthy of the extra research. With traditional alarms, power outages can cause them to stop functioning, which leaves you vulnerable. Since many break-ins and burglaries have been reported during power outages, this is a time when you would definitely want to have a battery backup in your alarm. Also, you should keep in mind that a burglar might choose to cut your power, so that any alarm system would not be triggered. Make sure you stay one step ahead of the game with an alarm system that uses battery power as a backup – this way you will never have to worry about being unprotected.

The following is a list of eight different alarm systems with battery backup. The systems vary in price and options, but if battery backup is something you definitely want in your alarm system, then here are some options that can be helpful.

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#1 – Myfox

The Myfox alarm system makes quite a few promises in terms of being a great option for home security, including having the ability to be able to differentiate normal sounds and vibrations, such as a baseball hitting your door, from threatening sounds and vibrations, like someone trying to break in. The system is new, and the design is quite attractive and would look great with any décor. One drawback of this system is the price; it is a bit steeper than other options.

#2 – Skylink

Skylink Alarm System

Skylink security systems, which are made by a Canadian company, are do-it-yourself security systems as opposed to traditional systems. The system has no contracts or monthly fees, so this is a great choice for those on a budget who want the benefits of an alarm system in their home. While the system has a friendly price tag, it will only operate with equipment meant for the system, as opposed to working with any standards like Zigbee or Z-Wave.

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#3 – Scout

Scout alarm system equipment comes in black, white, and wood colors

The Scout Home Security System is a mix of a do-it-yourself security system and a traditional security system with professional monitoring (with an extra cost). While there are several different security systems already designed, you can choose the options you want, which is a nice touch. It allows you to choose some basic starter pieces and add more over time, so that you aren’t stuck with a large cost at first. The system isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but it is a great choice for those who are serious about getting protection and monitoring for their home. Cellular and battery backups do have an extra cost, however.

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#4 – Simplisafe

Simplisafe home security product family

While the SimpliSafe security system looks a little bit outdated, many happy customers have had great experiences with it. While it is a do-it-yourself type install, the system can also be a professionally monitored one, with various packages that offer different choices, such as cellular and professional monitoring, e-mail alerts, and the ability to monitor your system via the web. The packages have different price ranges per month, and there are plenty of features at each level.

#5 – Abode

Abode is a do-it-yourself home security system that offers professional monitoring without a monthly contract. The modern design of the systems make it a great fit for your home, no matter what type of décor you have.

The alarm system packages come with different options, such as motion sensor cameras, door and window sensors, and even a remote key fob. The system integrates with Nest cameras and thermostats, allowing you to see the camera feed and adjust the temperature in your home remotely. There are different options available for affordable monthly costs, with additional services. If you’re thinking a full security system is a bit too much, you may want to consider battery powered security cameras as an alternative.

#6 – Frontpoint

Frontpoint Security System

Frontpoint offers quite a few different options in terms of home security, including professional monitoring, cellular monitoring, and even doorbell cameras. There are different packages you can choose from, including intrusion protection, fire protection, e-mail and text alerts, lighting controls, and even live video streaming.   Frontpoint offers professional monitoring for low monthly costs, so it’s worth exploring. The main drawback to this system, however, is the fact that you must choose one of their plans that include the professional monitoring, and each one has a monthly fee in addition to the initial price you will pay for the equipment.

#7 – LifeShield

LifeShield is a security system that offers professional monitoring, battery backup, and a variety of different products that will help create your own unique home security system. Some of the products available include motion detectors, door and window sensors, glass breaking sensors, and even floor and freeze sensors.

While this system has a lot of bells and whistles, the drawback is that the items are quite pricey, and if you have a larger home and require more than one of each item, it can get rather costly. The contract is also a bit off-putting for some, as there is a three year contract agreement mandatory for new sign-ups.

#8 – Vivint

Vivint, a home security system that offers professional installation, cameras, locks, professional monitoring, and even cloud storage for files, photographs, and videos, is a traditional home security system that relies on profession monitoring, installation, and a contract. While packages start as low as $40 a month, if you want all the nifty included items, you might want to invest in a higher package, as well as buy a few extra of certain products (such as cameras), as well.

Your Friends Need Backups Too!

Hopefully, this list will help you narrow your choices. Be sure to check out our detailed security system comparisons to compare the other features in more detail.

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