6 Home Security Traps for Burglars and Bears

Homemade Traps for Burglars and Bears

The idea of using booby traps for home security seems downright crazy. Check out these ideas if you don’t believe us. They may even get you tossed in jail.

But, there are some less than lethal traps that you could use in the right situation.

Check out the list below.

1. Smart water

The use of dyes to protect merchandise and money has been used at big retailers and banks for decades. Who’s to say that us homeowner’s shouldn’t have a little fun with it too?

In the eyes? Dang!

UV liquid spray trap

[column type=”one-third”]Tweet: This is one security system you DO NOT want to accidentally set off. #thief #burglar http://ctt.ec/wH5Np[/column][column type=”two-thirds” ]
“This is one security system you DO NOT want to accidentally set off.”

Seem like a good idea for your house? Send out a warning!

2. Personal alarm trip wire

You could easily tie a trip wire to the pin on this personal security alarm to give you advanced warning.  The 130 dB siren will attract plenty of attention when someone walks through it.  I’ve seen people online that found these at Lowe’s for $5, so you may want to pick one up on your next trip rather than buying it on Amazon if it’s a lot higher than that.

3. Homemade perimeter alarm

If you prefer a more DIY inspired solution, this rat trap perimeter alarm made with percussion caps requires a bit more work. Place these at any entrances the boogey man might use.

Or, if you aren’t a fan of McGuyver type devices, you can always pick up a pull-string perimeter alarm online.

4. If It Works for Bears, It Should Deter a Burglar

This high voltage electric fence is intended to keep bears away from your food in the wilderness.  So, you can use these when you’re camping and then redeploy when you get home.  Although not known for intelligence, I think it’s safe to bet that a thief could figure out how to bypass this after the initial shock (pun intended, :)).

Know someone who’s a little paranoid? This might be the best thing they read all day.

5. UV Marking Dye Device

This UV dye sprayer leaves a semi-permanent stain on the perpetrator, aiding identification if they’re caught later. It’s very similar to Smart Water, just a competing brand.

6. An effective perimeter alarm you can make with just string and a knife

If you really want to go native, you can make your own perimeter alarm using some sticks and a string. Once you consider your time, you’d be better off picking up one of the personal alarms above, but this is a good skill to have in a pinch. Just be sure to throw some paracord and a knife in your bugout bag and you’ve got everything you need.

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  1. Thug in your home. See $20 in a drawer. Reaches in. Trips a locking steel cable roundabout his wrist – bolted to floor. Checkmate. Also sets off indicator lamp at front door. You can call police or have some fun with a bull whip. Your choice. Habu nice day Thug.


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