12 Flicks to Inspire Extreme Home Security Measures

If you happened to catch our previous article on booby traps, you’ll gather that we like to lighten things up occasionally. In that spirit, we’ve put together some movie clips that may inspire extreme home security ideas for your homestead.

In the case that you’re the type to actually put these into practice, please don’t try these at home unless you like prison or society has collapsed.

Mother of all snare traps

Will Smith uses a car as a counter weight in this snare trap.  Assuming the Infected are about the size of your average burglar, this works well.  But, not all of us are in environments where cars are easily suspended and hidden.

I love this movie.

Whip Trap Counterweight

Dutch (Arnold) sets up a spear trap with a monster counterweight and uses it to crush the predator. I would definitely recommend only using yourself as the bait in a life or death struggle though.

Arnold definitely comes out ahead in this contest:

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Trapping King Kong

Say you want to trap the burglar and hold him until the authorities come, you could scale down this pit to human size.

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Traps

If ancient natives can devise a trap to protect their golden heads, then you should be able to protect your goods.  Whether your golden head is a handgun or some expensive jewelry, you can take some inspiration from here.

I’ve seen museums and jewelry stores with doors and windows that close automatically.  Surely, somebody has implemented the modern equivalent of the huge boulder.

Help a guy out with a share . . . please!?!

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

There are just too many good ideas to count here, though I’m sure the flying circular saws don’t adhere to the laws of physics at these speeds.  Maybe you could re-purpose a UV die dispenser to spray knock-out gas!

Rambo Claymore Trap

Not everybody has spare unexploded ordinance and a claymore laying around, but this one definitely eliminates the threat.

Just be sure you have the collateral damage assessment completed, you want to make sure you still have a home to defend afterwards.

Van Damme’s Hard Target: Snake Trap

Jean-Claude Van Damme sets a venomous snake booby trap.  I’m not getting anywhere near this one.

Tell me that isn’t hilarious!

Do you wish you had that 3 minutes of your life back?  Imagine if you’d watched the entire movie!

You can’t blame me.  After all, I told you that JCVD was the star so you should have tempered your expectations accordingly.

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Under Siege: Steven Segal Microwave Bomb

Nobody wants to trash their own kitchen, but if you’re in a pickle then you do what you have to.  Denzel Washington pulled off the same move in Equalizer more recently.

The Goonies: Setting Booby Traps

Booty traps?

The Goonies are victims of several booby traps, but here Data decides to set some of his own.

How many adults (over 18) do you know that haven’t even heard of the Goonies?

Yep, you’re that old!

Tweet:Data from the #Goonies goes on the defensive and sets some booby traps of his own!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Here are some more saws and false floors courtesy of The Last Crusade.

At least Harrison Ford wasn’t 70 when he was pulling these stunts.  Did anyone like the most recent Indiana Jones movie?


Home Alone: Where do you start?

I could write a whole series just from home alone booby traps. Here are a couple of good ones.

In the right season, ornaments make great noise makers under the window if you don’t have a security system.

A quick, improvised spiked trap made with tar, a nail, and a roofing shingle.  Ouch!

Spread the inspiration!

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