Home Insurance Companies That Offer Discounts for Home Security Systems

Do any of these apply to you?

  1. Already have a security system or home automation system and would like to save money on your home insurance with your existing insurance company
  2. Want to add smart devices to your home and hope your insurance discount will “pay for” your new gadgets
  3. Shopping for a new insurance provider and want to get the best price and discounts that you can?

If so, this list of home insurance companies that offer discounts for home security systems and smart homes will be a great resource for you.

Why do home insurance companies give discounts for home security systems?

Do you forget to close your garage door before going to sleep? Are you concerned about the safety of your valuables and family members from burglars?

Like most homeowners, we make mistakes. No matter how careful we are, there could be times when we forget simple things like locking the doors and windows before bedtime. That is why we invest in home security systems to monitor our homes even if we’re away.

Today, home automation systems can assist you in keeping an eye on your home even when you’re away too. You can control devices from your phone ranging from your lights, door locks, motion sensors, thermostats, many other mind-boggling smart home products (Eggminder anyone?).  We've got a list of my favorite ideas of automations you can check out here.

When a home is equipped with smart devices to notify threats such as fire, flood, and burglaries, immediate actions can be taken to protect the home and its valuables. In return, this can save both the homeowner and insurance companies a lot of money.

Home Insurance Companies that Offer Discounts for Home automation or security systems

In this post, I will give you a list of insurance companies that offer discounts to homeowners who add smart devices for home security. Later on, you may want to check the list so that you can compare rates and choose the one that best fits for you.

1. Safeco Insurance

Safeco offers up to 15% discount if you have installed in your home a burglar alarm or a fire sprinkler system. You can even enjoy a lower rate fee if your home is near to a fire station.

2. Allstate Insurance Company

If you have installed a home security system that includes alarm against burglary and fire, Allstate can give you up to 15% discount.

3. NJM Insurance Group

NJM allows homeowners to apply for discounts for various types of systems installed for home security. The company gives you credits for systems such as fire alarms, burglary alarms, automatic sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, and many others.

4. The Travelers Indemnity

This insurance company offers you a variety of ways to earn a discount by having multiple smart devices installed in your home. This could include fire alarms and smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, smart locks and deadbolts, and other technology available to secure your home.

5. State Farm

State Farm offers up to 17% discount if you have smart devices and monitoring systems installed in your home. You may contact their agents to check if you are qualified for their Home Alert Protection program to earn a discount.

6. Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

Like most of insurance companies these days, you can lower your insurance premium with this company by having security systems installed in your home. This include deadbolts, smart locks, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and other devices to help keep your home safe from accidents and thieves.

7.American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance offers their customers a Home Security & Fire Protection Discount for installed home security systems. These include but not limited to fire alarms, smoke detectors, automatic sprinkler systems, monitoring systems, and many others. You may contact their page to check if you are qualified to receive a 5% discount.

8. Wawanesa Insurance

Wawanesa offers 10% discount for a variety of security systems installed in your home. Their discount program is categorized according to the devices you have installed. This include a sprinkler system, burglar alarm type 1 where the home is equipped with a local alarm, and burglar alarm type 2 when your house is installed with a centralized monitoring system.

9. Allied Homeowners Insurance

Allied homeowners support the installation of home security systems by providing their customers 15% discount. Any qualifying devices such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, and monitoring systems may help you save money on their insurance discount program.

10. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

This insurance company offers a variety of ways to help their homeowners save on their insurance. One includes installation of home security systems which would save you 20% discount. If you have just bought your home, you can get another discount to enjoy lower rates on your insurance.

11. Electric Insurance Company

Electric insurance company believes that your home is your biggest investment. They can help you protect your property and valuables by offering discounts for setting-up security systems in your home. They have customizable programs where you can earn up to 20% discount. You can contact their agents to have more information regarding their policies and request for a quote on your insurance.

12. Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Amica wants their homeowners to save on their insurance without compromising the quality of their home coverage. This is why they safety discounts for homeowners with an alarm system and automatic detection devices. If you have these in your home, you are entitled to earn up to 15% discount.

13. Lock Insurance

Lock insurance offers their homeowners a number of ways to save on their insurance. One of their programs includes discounts for burglar systems, fire alarm systems, and wind mitigation. You can enjoy up to 15% off and get more savings if you’ve just newly bought your house.

14. Homesite Group Incorporated

Homesite Group Incorporated values the home security of their customers. They help by providing discounted rates to homeowners with sprinkler systems, burglar and fire alarms, and other qualified devices for home security. They could offer you up to 10% discount for installing home safety devices.


Homeowners could lower the rate of their insurance premiums up to 20 percent if they install a home security system. Whether you have a system or are planning to get one, over the course of a year, that could pay for your system!  

Just be sure to get in touch with your company to confirm exactly what devices and monitoring (get it in writing!) is required to qualify for the discount.  The last thing you want is to have an insurance claim denied because you accepted terms that said you would pay for professional fire alarm monitoring, and you opted for a DIY smart home system instead. 

I hope that was helpful.  Unfortunately, most companies want you to get a quote to determine the level of the discount instead of just listing it upfront on their websites.  So if you get a quote from any companies, come back and leave a comment below so that we can update and improve this resource for everyone else!

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