Ultimate Review: The Best Robot Mops for 2021

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We all want a clean house. But keeping every corner of your home clean can be a tedious job and something that not everyone would enjoy. If you live in a larger home or apartment, then it takes lots of time to keep the floors clean (you may want to read our Neato Botvac D5 review to know the pros and cons of vacuum robots). 

It would be nice to have somebody else clean the house for you but hiring someone is expensive! 

Since we live in an era where we can automate most things, why not get a helping hand from a robot to do the job for you? 

A robot mop cleaner can mop the floor to remove dirt, grime, and dust which a vacuum may not be able to clean. This hassle-free cleaning solution can be scheduled to clean automatically so that you can be free to do more important tasks. Since the robot mop saves you energy and time in maintaining your house, it’s definitely worth the investment. 

Just know that robot mops may not be ideal for cleaning stains and smudges on the floor that are difficult to remove - you would need to manually clean them yourself! But overall, it’s a great cleaning tool for your home to save you time and money.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Robot Mop

Cleaning Ability

Robot mops have a cloth attached underneath the body and a water reservoir which helps dampen the cloth. Some robot mops are also designed with a spray while other machines require you to manually dampen the cloth first before attaching it to the robot. 

The water stored in the reservoir is released through a small opening around the tank’s edges to wet the cloth. You may need to fill in the water tank more often if you need to clean a larger space. The robot drags the cloth underneath its body to wipe the floor which is something you might not find effective for cleaning heavy dirt and stains that are difficult to remove. 

Mopping Modes

A good robot mop should have both wet and dry mopping functions. If you choose a robot that only has the dry mopping mode, you won’t be able to use it on a smudge that requires wet mopping, and it won’t pick up dust as effectively.

Easy to Use

The main reason why we want a robot mop is to ease the burden of maintaining our home. When choosing a robot mop, it should be easy to use and maintain, otherwise it defeats the purpose of why you’re getting a robot mop in the first place.

Water Dispensation System

If you have a large house or apartment, then it would be ideal to choose a robot mop that can hold enough water to clean the entire space. Most robot mops can store between 0.3 to 0.5 liters of water, which should be enough for an average-sized home. 

Battery Life

The ideal robot mop should be able to clean your whole house with one go! If you have a large house, then you may need to look specifically for a robot mop with longer battery life. Most robot mops can clean for one hour non-stop for an average-size home. When batteries go down or your robots are done with their job, they return autonomously to their charging cradle to recharge their batteries.

Scheduling Feature

When it comes to scheduling features, not all robot mops offer the same flexibility. A good robot mop will allow you to pick a time and day the robot can clean your house. Other robots with advanced features can also allow you to do customized scheduling so that the cleaning is automated throughout the week.

Size Of Your House

The size of your house plays an important role in choosing the right robot mop for you. Most robot mops are designed for average-sized homes. If you intend to use the robot to clean a larger space, then you should choose the one with larger water tanks and longer battery life but might be a little expensive. Robots with smaller capacities are ideal for cleaning smaller spaces like a small bedroom or bathroom. 

Noise Level

When would you want your robot mop to clean the house? Is it during the daytime when nobody is home? Or in the evening when you’re home? 

While they can work without you, you may want to keep an eye on your mop the first few times that it runs to make sure it doesn’t get stuck and sit on a wood floor with a wet rag for an extended period. 

If you prefer your robot to clean the house when you’re around, then choose the one with a noise level that’s comfortable for you and your family. Robot mops with vacuum capability can be noisier than mopping-only robots. 


We all want the best features of a robot mop. But the more features a robot has, the more expensive it becomes. The preference should depend on what you need. Some robots may have features that you might not really need so it would be wise to have the cheaper robot with the basic features unless you have the extra cash to spend on a pricey robot mop.

Hybrid or Not Hybrid

Robot mops can be a single-purpose mop or dual-purpose with vacuum capability. Robots that can only do mopping functions can perform dry sweeping before mopping. Hybrid robots can vacuum the floor and finish with wet mopping. Choosing a single-purpose or hybrid robot mop depends greatly on your wallet capacity since hybrid robots can be very expensive! 

The Best Robot Mops: Our Top 10 List

Best Overall: iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop


Source: https://moderncastle.com/best-mop/irobot-braava-380t-mop-review/

Price: $224
Rating: 3.8/5


  • Battery lasts up to 5 hours
  • Can mop up to 350 sq. ft. or sweep up to 1,000 sq. ft. on one charge 
  • Low noise level
  • Small enough to run under couches and tables
  • Option to use disposable or reusable cleaning pads
  • Great navigation system
  • Cleans almost all types of floor (hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, etc.)


  • No option for scheduling
  • Doesn’t come with a vacuum function
  • Cleans thoroughly but slow
  • Charging time is 2 hours with inaccurate charging readout

The iRobot Braava 380t is a great option if you’re looking for a robot that can only do the mopping. It has its own water tank to dampen the attached cleaning pad enough to cover an entire average-sized home. It can also do dry sweeping when it needs to pre-clean a mess before mopping. The 3.1-inch tall Braava robot mop is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas since it can easily run under almost any furniture. Aside from its small size, it’s also equipped with a Northstar navigation system to prevent missing any spots and getting stuck somewhere. However, the robot might take longer to charge and most of the time, the charging readouts are inaccurate. The device might prompt you to charge the battery even if it’s already full.

Best Budget Robot Mop: Coredy Robot R500+ With Wet/Dry Mopping Function


Source: http://www.quantitivegoodsshop.com/coredy-self-charge-robotic-vacuum/

Price: $189.99
Rating: 4.4/5


  • Stylish look with an enclosure made of glass
  • Stands 2.7 inches tall making it easy to slip under any furniture
  • Works both on carpets and hard floors
  • Battery lasts up to 2 hours
  • Efficiently cleans in tight spaces


  • Poor navigation in larger rooms
  • Boundary strips have to be bought separately
  • Doesn’t have many features compared to other rivals on the market

The Coredy Robot R500 is your best bet if you’re looking for a budget-friendly robot mop packaged in a stylish glass housing. Since it’s only 2.7 inches tall, it can easily go under any furniture or tight spaces to remove dust and dirt. It comes with dual-edge brushes and a three-point cleaning system to efficiently clean both carpets and hardwood floors. The robot mop is also equipped with smart sensors to detect obstacles and avoid collisions so you don’t have to worry about your robot getting stuck. These sensors also prevent the robot mop falling down the stairs!

However, the Coredy Robot R500 may not be very effective when used in larger rooms due to its poor navigation system. You will need to put boundary strips nearby to prevent the robot from getting confused and misses cleaning the other parts of the floor.  

Roborock S6


Source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/smart-home/reviews/xiaomi/148055-roborock-s6-robot-vacuum-cleaner-review

Price: $649.99
Rating: 4.6/5


  • Comes with 14 sensors to precisely avoid obstacles and get stuck
  • Softer and denser roller brush bristles compared to S5
  • Side brush is made of soft silicone bristles
  • Long battery life of up to 3 hours
  • Voiced-controlled using Google Assistant or Alexa


  • Expensive price tag
  • No soft bumper strip on its edges
  • Its 3.8 inch height makes it difficult to reach tight spaces

The Roborock S6 is an upgraded version of its predecessor S5 (check out our Roborock S5 review) with some improved features such as more control on water release from its tank, compact charging dock, softer brush bristles, and free extra accessories such as filters and 2 reusable and 5 disposable mop cloths. Mapping functions of the S6 are also greatly improved where you can gain more control over individual rooms and zones the robot will clean. When it comes to aesthetics, the S6 looks are still the same with S5 - packaging color (rose gold, white, black), dimensions (13.8” W x 13.8” L x 3.8” H), and weight (8 pounds). 

The only drawback of S6 is its expensive price, but it does vacuum as well as mop! Some customers also report bugs on their firmware that cause unexplained errors such as clogged brush or dirty filters even if they’re not!

iLife Shinebot W400


Source: https://blog.myrobotcenter.com/en/product-news/ilife-w400-the-robot-mop-in-the-test

Price: $249.99
Rating: 3.6/5


  • Comes with a dual tank that separates clean and dirty water
  • Multiple cleaning modes (area mode, path mode, edge mode, and spot mode)
  • 2 hours of battery life
  • Multi-stage cleaning function (spray, scrub, suction up the dirty water, dries with a rubber scraper)
  • Works quietly


  • No navigation features - works only on a back and forth path
  • Doesn’t return automatically to the charging dock
  • Size is too bulky which makes it difficult to reach tight spaces
  • Doesn’t have an app and voice control capability

The iLife Shinebot W400 is an excellent cleaning assistant as it mops, sucks the dirty water up, and dries the floor on the way. You can even select multiple cleaning modes as the need arises - edge mode, path mode, area mode, and spot mode - so that you’ll get the best results you want. It performs well on a 160-square feet area in one charge. The battery can last up to 2 hours per cycle, and it comes with LEDs so you’ll know the actual battery and tank water levels. 

One disadvantage of the iLife Shinebot is that it’s a little bulky which makes it inefficient in cleaning smaller or hard to reach areas. It has a dimension of 11.1” W x 11.5” L x 4.7” H which makes it difficult to go under your furniture or tight spaces to clean. Moreover, it doesn’t have its own navigation system so there’s a chance that the robot will miss some spots on your floor.



Source: https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/ilife-v8s-robot-vacuum-cleaner

Price: $260
Rating: 4.2/5


  • User-friendly
  • Comes with a scheduling feature
  • Auto-redocking
  • Battery runs up to 100 minutes per cycle
  • iDropping technology to control water dispensing
  • Offers 6 cleaning modes


  • Noisy (reaches up to 67 dB)
  • Poor navigation system
  • Cannot discern hard floors and carpets
  • Performs light mopping only

If you’re new to using robots and not tech-savvy, then the LIFE V8s is the ideal robot mop for you. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t rely on smartphone app to do its job. It has a scheduling feature so you can let the robot do its task anytime you want. The battery lasts up to 100 minutes on one run and automatically re-docks once its battery goes down.

To get the best cleaning experience you want, the robot offers 6 different modes to suit your preferences. It has a generous dustbin for sweeping which you can replace with a water tank when it’s time to mop. The robot also employs the iDropping technology to precisely control the amount of water being dispensed from the tank so that your floor won’t get too wet.

The downside of this robot mop is that it can be a little noisy which can reach up to 67 dB when set in maximum mode. If you’re looking for a robot that works quietly, then the LIFE V8s may not be for you. And, it doesn’t have a smart navigation system compared to other alternatives in the market. 

The robot is not smart enough to discern hard floors from rugs and carpets so you might end up having those wet.

iRobot Braava jet 240


Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home/irobot-braava-jet-240-review/

Price: $199.99
Rating: 3.9/5


  • Square-shaped to easily clean corners and edges b
  • Comes with virtual walls and iRobot app for control
  • Works quietly
  • Works with wet, damp, and dry mopping


  • Reusable pads are not included
  • Not efficient in cleaning large areas
  • No automatic scheduling
  • No automatic re-docking
  • Water tank is too small

The iRobot Braava jet 240 is a good starter robot with basic navigation skills and smartphone app for controls at an affordable price. It can do dry, damp, and wet mopping to fit your needs. Although it can only perform light-duty cleaning so it’s not ideal for removing tough stains just like most robot mops in the market. It works with virtual walls to keep the robot from getting lost and stuck somewhere. It also works with precision jet spray for easier mopping of dirt and grime.

Most customers do complain about the small water tank which needs frequent refilling when used in cleaning larger rooms. The robot is meant to mop up to 200 sq. ft. with a battery that lasts up to 2 hours (wet) or up to 250 sq. ft. with 6 hours battery life (dry mopping). 

bObsweep PetHair Plus


Source: https://www.amazon.com/bObsweep-PetHair-Robotic-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B077V4Q4BD

Price: $229.99
Rating: 4.2/5


  • Large dustbin (1100 ml)
  • Strong suction to remove pet hair effectively
  • Comes with dual-layer filter and UV-C light to tackle allergens and kill germs 
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Excellent customer service


  • Difficult to setup
  • Unit doesn’t include batteries
  • Doesn’t work with WiFi or smartphone app
  • No water tank - you have to manually wet the mop
  • Bulky size

If you have pets at home, then the bObsweep PetHair Plus is the ideal cleaning assistant to help you remove pet hair, germs, and allergens effectively. Most pet owners love having this robot at home because of its suction power and large dustbin that can pick up lots of hair. It is also equipped with UV-C light to clean germs and other allergens. The robot mop has 2 virtual barriers that look like boxes to prevent your robot from wandering too far and getting stuck. With FullCommand remote, you can drive your robot as well as set a cleaning schedule so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your home.

A lot of customers who have tried the bObsweep PetHair Plus are very satisfied with the excellent customer service the company provides. Customer support is very responsive and can offer refunds or replacements without the hassle. You also get a 2-year warranty with your purchase.

Despite its unique and helpful features, the robot has its own drawbacks. Since the robot’s size is bulky, it cannot easily go through under the furniture to clean and easily get stuck. It is not also good at discerning floor types and struggles to make transitions. It lacks some smart features and moves randomly across the floor which might cause it to miss some areas. And since it doesn’t have its own water tank, you need to wet its mop pad manually.

iRobot Braava m6


Source: https://www.shopirobot.com.au/braava-robot-mop/braava-jet-m6.html

Price: $499.99
Rating: 3.8/5


  • Comes with precision jet spray to remove sticky grime, grease, and dirt
  • Smart navigation technology
  • Has Imprint Smart Mapping to learn, map, and adapt to meet specific needs for your home
  • Ideal for cleaning large spaces and multiple rooms
  • Virtual wall compatibility
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Expensive price tag
  • Bulky size

One of the best vacuum and mop robots in the market today is the iRobot Braava m6. It is loaded with smart features to enable you to automate cleaning without the hassle. The m6 is designed with Imprint Smart Mapping technology to learn and adapt according to your needs, making it autonomous as compared to other robot vacuums and mops in the market. Its smart navigation system allows easy monitoring, zoning, and automatic re-dock when it’s finished cleaning. The m6 works with virtual walls nicely and can cover an area of up to 1,000 sq. ft. in one charge, making it ideal for cleaning large homes.

If you like the advanced features of this robot, then be ready to pay for its high price. And since the m6 is bulky in size, it’s not going to work perfectly in cleaning tight spaces and areas under the furniture.

Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro


Source: https://www.amazon.com/ECOVACS-DEEBOT-Robot-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B01NA08FT0

Price: $220
Rating: 3.7/5


  • Scheduling features
  • Compatibility with voice command Alexa
  • Works with WiFi devices like smartphones
  • Can be controlled via an app or a remote control
  • Hybrid vacuum and mop at an affordable price
  • Can discern hard floors and low-pile carpets


  • Slightly behind when it comes to reliability and cleaning performance compared to other low-price robots
  • Navigation system is not as accurate compared with the other more expensive robots
  • Performs only light mopping
  • Best only on houses with small rooms

Do you prefer a robot with smart features at an affordable price? The Ecovacs Deebot is your budget-friendly assistant robot to help you take care of your floor. The robot has smart features that you might only find in some expensive robot cleaners without paying a high price. The Ecovacs M8 Pro is basically an upgraded version of the N79 which means it has better control and scheduling features. You can use this robot with a smart app or remote control (if you don’t like connecting it through your smartphone) and even integrate a voice command through Alexa. It comes with a 500 ml dustbin, 110-minute battery capacity which should be enough to clean an average-sized home. 

When the robot is done cleaning or gets a low battery signal, it automatically returns to its charging dock. The unit also comes with some free accessories such as filters, measuring cups, 4 side brushes, a water reservoir, wet and dry cleaning mop cloths, and an instruction manual. 

However, you don’t expect it to be perfect. The robot is also meant only to be used in smaller areas so if you have a bigger home, you better consider another model. But given its smart features at a budget-friendly price, the Ecovacs M8 is well above the average compared to other similar robots. 

Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum & Mop


Source: https://www.powerplanetonline.com/proscenic-790t-robot-vacuum

Price: $180
Rating: 3.7/5


  • Can do customized scheduling
  • Comes with a large water tank
  • Works great for removing pet hair
  • Smart navigation system prevents it from falling down the stairs and get stuck on obstacles
  • Works well on low-pile carpets
  • Hybrid vacuum and mop


  • Doesn’t work with virtual walls
  • Doesn’t work on high-pile carpets or rugs

Pet owners who want to have an assistant robot cleaner with smart apps should go for the Proscenic 790T. Just like the bObsweep, it comes with powerful suction features and bristles to clean pet hair tangled around the floor or every corner of your room. The great thing about this robot is that it has its own smart navigation system that works perfectly in avoiding obstacles and falling down the stairs. The large water reservoir allows it to mop your house without the need to frequently refill it. The battery runs for about 100 minutes which is enough to clean an average-sized home. With a smartphone app, you can customize schedules so that the robot can clean according to the time and day you want. 

Wrapping Up

A robot mop is a great helping hand if you want to automate the cleaning of your house to save time and money. There are many robot mops available in the market and they come with different features and prices. Some robots can only do mopping while others can both vacuum and mop the floor. If you want a robot that has it all, then be ready for a high price tag. If you’re on a budget, you can go for robot mops that have the basic features at an affordable price. You can review our list of best robot mops that vary in features and prices on this post for future references.

Would you like to get the best of both vacuum and mop robots? Then head over to our best robot vacuum and mop post to know our recommendations.

Have you tried other great robot mops not mentioned in this post? Share them in the comments section below!