Should You Put a Gun Safe in the Garage? [Pros, Cons, and How To GUIDE]

To tell the truth, there are many reasons why placing your gun safe in the garage is a bad idea. But if you have limited space, then the garage could be the only option you have!

We’ll explain the precautions as well as the right things you can do to install your gun safe in the garage and keep your weapons in top shape. 

Is it really safe to put a gun safe in the garage?


Generally speaking, the garage is never a good place to store your guns and valuables. You already know that a high-quality gun safe is so important to keep your guns away from prying eyes. But when you store your weapons in the garage, having the best pistol safe or high-quality gun safe is not enough.

When it comes to protecting your guns and valuables, thieves are not your only threat. Mother nature can also be your enemy especially when you are not well-informed about proper storage!

First and foremost, rust and moisture build-up will be one of your greatest challenges when placing a gun safe in the garage. That’s because the garage is often unheated and the temperature is beyond your control and can vary pretty wildly, causing condensation problems when humidity is high.

Another threat is that everytime you open your garage, your stash of weapons are displayed out in the open for everyone to see. This could attract potential thieves and even just unwanted attention from people that don’t view your guns in the same way that you do. And since most of your expensive tools are stored in the garage, it’s easier for intruders to break in and use those against you and your safe!

And lastly, the garage can also be a weak link in your home security. If not properly secured, burglars can easily enter your home after they succeed in breaking into your garage.

Installing a gun safe in the garage - the Pros and Cons

The garage can be a good place to store your valuables, especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your house. But it could also compromise the safety of your weapons and home security. Here are the pros and cons of why a garage can both a good and bad storage area for your guns:

The Pros

For some people, the garage is their best option for gun storage. Here are some benefits.

Easy to bolt to the ground

Bolting your gun safe to a concrete pad is highly recommended. Often, we don’t have enough open space in the house or you have to put a heavy safe upstairs and the floor won’t support the weight, leading you to modify the flooring (which adds more cost and time). This is why the garage is a convenient place to bolt your gun safe to the ground.

Away from prying eyes - sort of...

The garage is a place where people don’t usually come in and out all the time. Storing your gun safe in the garage will help keep them away from prying eyes and even curious visitors (especially if you have visitors with children) since most people don’t come in and out through your garage. 

Tons of space

If you have limited space in your house, then the garage is a good spot to keep your weapons and valuables. You can finally go for that huge safe that gives you plenty of room to expand your collection.

Easy Installation

Just about the only thing worse than dropping a huge stack of bills on an incredibly expensive safe is realizing that you have to get the heaviest thing you’ve ever moved from your driveway into some hidden space back in the recesses of your home.

The Cons

Like we said earlier in this post, the garage is never the safest place to put your guns and valuables. These are the cons:

Varying humidity and temperature

Most gun experts recommend storing your guns in areas with around 70°F temperature and 50% humidity rate. Otherwise, you risk your guns rusting. And, we all know the garage is not the best place to meet these requirements (because who has a temperature-controlled garage, right?).  

Limited electrical outlets

When placing a gun safe in the garage, you will need to install additional devices (such as lights, electronic locks, dehumidifiers, etc.) and may need an extra electrical outlet or two. Fortunately, you can always add extension cords (which can be messy) or make some modifications in your garage area to install additional electrical outlets.

Can be easily seen (when the garage door is open)

When you leave your garage open a lot, you are exposing everything you put inside it (including your gun safe). It’s never good to expose your valuables and weapons to anyone passing by your house. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to disguise your gun safe so that no one would notice that you have a gun safe in the garage or keep it in an area where it can be concealed.

Theft Risk

Breaking into a garage is often a strategy used by thieves as a way to easily access your home and steal expensive tools, especially if you have a weak security system. And imagine, you have all your tools and equipment in the garage - burglars can exploit these to break into your safe!

Ways to safely install a gun safe in the garage

With so many threats and dangers in the garage, is it still possible (and safe) to place a gun safe in the garage? The answer is yes, it’s possible. There are good ways to install a gun safe in the garage without compromising the safety of your valuables (and home security). Take a look below!

Invest in a high-quality gun safe

We recommend choosing a high-quality gun safe made of durable materials and locks with a vault design. These safes can protect your guns from flood, fire, and almost any forms of attacks or forced entries in case of burglary. High-quality safes are more expensive but are worth your investment in the long run!

Clear the pathway to your garage

The purpose of this is to allow a professional to easily deliver and install your gun safe to the garage. Flat entry points will make it easier to move a heavy gun safe before bolting it to the ground.

Bolt the safe to the ground

As we have mentioned earlier, the garage can be the weakest link to your home security. In case of a burglary (worst scenario when a burglar is able to bypass your home security), we don’t want the bad guys to easily access and  move your gun safe. This is why we highly recommend that you bolt your safe to a concrete floor.

Use a humidifier and desiccant

Temperatures can vary widely in a garage. Plus, you’ll also have to deal with humidity which can cause rust and corrosion to your guns. The best way to keep your guns in top shape is to use a combination of a humidifier and desiccant. These will prevent moisture build up and prevent rust.

Level the safe to allow airflow beneath it

Another way to protect your guns from rust is to ensure that there is proper airflow under your safe to prevent moisture build up. This is why it is important to level your safe. Moreover, leveling the safe allows proper door swing when you open or close the heavy door of your safe (because you don’t want the door to suddenly close on you while getting your guns).

Limit the people that enter your home through the garage

As much as possible, we don’t want random people to go to our garage (and accidentally discover our gun safe). Delivery personnel or service people shouldn’t go through your garage. Make sure that your garage is always locked.

Never keep torches and pry tools in the same area

Prying tools and torches can be used against you (and open your gun safe) in case of a break in. We recommend not keeping your tools and equipment together with your gun safe in the same area. 

Cover the safe with a safe cloak or cabinet

Covering your safe with a safe cloak or cabinet is a good way to camouflage your gun safe. This will make it look like an ordinary storage cabinet and will keep your safe away from prying eyes.

Important Products to Use to Protect Your Guns

So now we’ve listed everything we need to know before installing a gun safe in the garage. What else can we do to ensure that our guns and valuables stay in top shape? You can use the following products to add more layers of protection to your weapons.  Be sure to check out our gun safe accessories guide for even more great options.


A dehumidifier will help you keep the air inside your safe dry and prevent any accumulation of moisture. You can buy this device for large safes or go for smaller ones if you have a small or medium-sized gun safe.


A cosmoline is like a Vaseline (but not a lubricant or oil-based) used to coat your guns to prevent rusting. It’s thick and becomes runny when heated. Cosmoline is ideal to use if you’re aiming for a long-term storage. However, you will need to clean your gun first whenever you need to use it.


Keeping your guns lubricated prevents the formation of rust. Oil is the best option to lubricate your weapons and prevent moisture accumulation (especially when it gets contact with a metal).

Silica Gel

A silica gel acts like a dehumidifier and you can often find them in small packets when you buy shoes. These small packets absorb water inside your safe. Rechargeable products are also available (these have indicators to tell you when it’s time to recharge them). These packets are ideal to place inside the ammunition boxes and gun cases.

So What’s the Verdict?

Most professionals would always advise you to never place a gun safe in a garage for many reasons. Aside from burglary, flood and fire accidents, you also have to deal with varying temperature and humidity  which can cause moisture build-up and rust. However, there are ways you can counter these issues and still make your garage a good place to install your gun safe.  And, it’s much easier than lugging a safe upstairs!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. And if you do, please share it with your friends who might be considering an upgrade to their gun storage!