Nest for light bulbs – a new series of smart light bulbs is on the way from BeON

Going out of town?  Take me.  Fine . . . have it your way.  When I get ready to leave, a million things run through my mind, in addition to the obvious.  I always like to prepare my house too, though.  Here are a few things that I think of as I’m preparing to leave.

1. Turn down the thermostat. Check.
2. Ensure all doors are locked. Double Check.
3. Set timers for lights. Check.  Check.  Check.
4. Set the alarm on the way out. Check.

All of these are becoming easier and easier.  Functionality exists to do most of these things remotely from your smartphone.  It’s known as having a smart home.

One company called BeON is taking it a step further.  They are developing smart light bulbs that can learn.

Learn, like Pinky and the Brain take over the world, learn?

That’s right.

You use these smart light bulbs like any other light bulbs, but over time they begin to see patterns in your behavior.  When it’s time for you to leave, there’s no need to set timers for each light around the house.  The light bulbs will come on when you normally turn it on.  It takes away one of the headaches of securing your home for travel.

So, go ahead and mark #3 off of the list.

from BeON Home on Vimeo.

While this is still in development, it could be another easy DIY step to securing your home.  They are over half way to their goal of $100k on Kickstarter and if you had gotten in early, you could have had 3 smart light bulbs for $200.  At that price, you could buy a starter home security system with an app and DIY monitoring.  But, the advantage of this system is that it’s a deterrent that makes the home look occupied.  After all, most burglars aren’t interested in the risk involved with breaking into occupied homes.  Whether it be an extended vacation or a late night at work, creating a home that appears to be occupied deters criminals.

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