10 Best Gun Safes Under 500 [Our FAVORITE PICKS for 2021]

ChristyHi, I’m Christy, and I’m an electronics engineer by profession. I have taught in a university for 2 years while pursuing my master’s degree in cognitive radio and worked for a company to develop wireless medical devices. Currently, I’m doing research for a doctorate degree in engineering using a wireless sensor network for smart agriculture. I’ve … Read more

4 Tips Not to Shoot An Innocent Defending Your Home

If you plan to own a gun for self-defense, then you should know how and when to use it.  First and foremost, avoiding confrontation is the best way to prevent violence. Your gun should only be used as a last resort and that is to protect innocent lives. It should never be used as a … Read more

How to Pick the Best Home Defense Weapons

home defense weapons

If you wake up in the middle of the night to a sound in another part of the house, most of us are going to hesitate before investigating the noise taking nothing but your underwear (or birthday suit and PJs if those are more your speed).  Although home defense guns and shotguns in particular often … Read more

Home Defense Strategies that May Get You Thrown in Jail

We’ve all heard in the news of homes being burglarized every now and then. As homeowners, we want to ensure that all our valuables are safe and avoid the crimes from happening to us at all cost. However, there are limitations of which home defense strategies you can use to stay safe and out of … Read more

3 Ways to Safely Keep A Gun In A House With Children

Whether we like it or not, guns and other weapons can be attractive to children. The reason is that they often see or even play with toy guns and watch movies or video games with guns. Even if you take safety precautions, it is wrong to assume that your children will not find the weapon. … Read more

12 Flicks to Inspire Extreme Home Security Measures

Silver screen inspiration for extreme home security ideas

If you happened to catch our previous article on booby traps, you’ll gather that we like to lighten things up occasionally. In that spirit, we’ve put together some movie clips that may inspire extreme home security ideas for your homestead. In the case that you’re the type to actually put these into practice, please don’t … Read more

How to Pick the Best Home Defense Shotgun Ammo

Pick the best home defense shotgun ammo

This subject tends to get a lot of vocal opinions.  But, since we’re entitled to our own as well, we’ll voice an opinion on the best home defense shotgun ammo. Everyone should be able to agree that home defense shotgun ammo requirements can primarily be boiled down to: effectiveness stopping a threat levels of penetration … Read more