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We commit to provide unbiased, objective information and let you be the judge.  We feel strongly that only you know what the best home security system or solutions will be for you.  We do use ads and affiliate links to help cover our costs, but you won’t see us ranking systems and trying to sell you on the system that pays us the most commissions.

If you go to any of our comparison pages (security systems, home automation, cameras, or security companies), you’ll simply see an alphabetically sorted list with the option to compare features and sort by costs.

Why no rankings?  We strive to maintain a high ethical standard and stay free of any actual or perceived conflicts of interest. So, we’re transparent about how we make money. We serve ads from Google and earn on any Amazon purchases you might make when coming from our site. You can read more details on our policy page for more details.

We hope that’s something that you will come back for. Here are a few places you could start:

And, feel free to use the search function on the menu or in the sidebar if you’re looking for anything specific.

Happy browsing!

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