Z-Wave and Zigbee Hub + High Performance Router = Securifi Almond+

Tired of weak WiFi signal in your home?

The Securifi Almond+ aims to resolve that problem, give you a major speed boost, and consolidate your home automation functions in a single hub.

Let’s review their pitch:

Securifi Almond+ – WiFi Router and Z-Wave /Zigbee Hub

The Securifi Almond+ is a high performance wireless router that also acts as a Z-Wave and Zigbee hub.

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It goes for $200, so it’s clearly out of the $40 Linksys category.  You’re paying an extra bill for the nice touch screen interface to control your home with and those home automation hub features.  The standard Almond router is $100.

The selling points are:

  • Acts as a primary router, access point, wireless bridge, or a range extender for your existing router
  • Long range coverage (50-200 ft.) with dual-band Gigabit WiFi
  • VPN server, port forwarding, DMZ, uPnP, and USB file sharing capabilities built in
  • Functions as a Z-wave and Zigbee hub with HA 1.2 support
  • Simple rule-based configuration of home automation tasks based on schedules or devices, with timers

How does the Almond+ work?

You can set up the Almond+ to relay your existing WiFi network as a auxiliary wireless router or as a standalone unit.  You can either connect it via Ethernet cable or wirelessly to your existing network.

almond+ portsAnd, you can choose to control it via the embedded touch screen, browser interface from your PC, or with iOS or Android apps.

In addition, the Almond+ supports a slew of devices via support of the two most common home automation protocols out there, Zigbee and Z-wave.

You can set up automation via a schedule that you customize for each day of the week, or you can set modes that activate certain rules.  Then, you get notifications when a rule is triggered on your phone, similar to existing DIY security systems and home automation devices.

What does the Almond+ cost?

The Almond+ retails for $200.

The Skinny

Most people aren’t going to need the advanced features of the >Almond+ like uPnP, and USB file sharing.  And, most modern routers will support port forwarding for you in case you need it for your security cameras or more complicated networking needs.

So why buy it?

Well, the increased speed could be a game changer if you regularly max out your existing router.  That could be a problem with a big family and lots of devices or if you have a system with a lot of wireless security cameras.  This review showed an 8x improvement in WiFi download speeds, for instance.

And, the home automation features help you consolidate devices and avoid the cost of another Z-wave or Zigbee hub for home automation (some of which are >$200 by themselves).

But, if you already have a home automation hub or think a cheaper hub like the Staples Connect would get the job done for your needs, then the Almond+ is likely a luxury you don’t need.

Check out what other people are saying about it in the reviews on Amazon. If you’re run out of home automation ideas, go ahead and check out our home automation system reviews.

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