Guide to Affordable Home Security

Affordable Home Security: All-Inclusive Guide

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We’ve discussed before that the best home security plans will include several layers of protection, much like an onion. In a layered system, the preventative measures that you take accumulate to deter burglars from selecting your home as a target, making them regret it if they do, and minimizing your losses in the event of a break-in. We’re going to introduce you to the best that we have to offer the frugal homeowner to proactively make your life safer.


First, you need to assess what your risk and risk tolerance are when it comes to burglaries.  It’s not a good use of money to fix problems that you don’t have, after all.

  • Calculate Your Burglary Risk – We used crime data and research papers to build a calculator that assesses your probability of being burglarized.  It gives you an idea of what your risk is over time and lets you see how changes you make can impact that risk.

Once you’ve decided that you want to take steps to prevent or reduce that risk, then you want to make sure you get the most value out of each dollar you spend.

Do it Yourself Steps to Improve Your Home Security

  • 30+ Affordable DIY Home Security Tips – This is a great place to start for DIY security tips.  There is a master table that will let you sort by effectiveness or cost and find the right tips for your situation.

Lock it down!

Door Security Tips

  • Door Security Tips and Fixes – The door is the most common route of entry during burglaries according to FBI crime statistics.  See what you can do to prevent your doors from being kicked in, picked, bumped, or otherwise bypassed and give you some time to respond if they are.
  • Door Security Devices to Secure Your Entries – Covers common exploits of various door types and affordable devices and steps for how you can mitigate the risks associated with each type.
  • Garage Security Tips – This article is focused on securing the largest door in your home against attack.  Make sure your garage door is protected from the most common exploits, including using the security release to get inside and using remote scanners for electronic spoofing.

DIY Security Systems

If you read the deterrents article, you’ll know that alarm systems are one of the most effective deterrents that you can have in your home.  And, they reduce your risk of fire damage as well.  Here are some articles that introduce you to a new class of alarm systems that are empowering home owners with a DIY ambition.

  • Introduction to DIY Security Systems – Gives you an idea of what a DIY security system is, who it might be appropriate for, and let’s you know what kind of installation support you can expect when putting a system in once the box arrives.
  • DIY Security System Sensor Selection and Installation Tips – If you don’t know where to start, this article is a good run down of which sensors are most appropriate for applications and also provides advice on potential installation locations that work the best.
  • Compare Home Security Systems – We’ve spent a lot of time building and updating this comparison tool to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.  You can use the drop down menus to filter on systems that offer DIY installations as well as do it yourself monitoring via your smart phone.
    affordable home security systems
  • Calculate the Lifetime Costs of a Home Security System – Sure, it’s simple math.  But, we take the guesswork out of adding up installation, equipment, and monthly monitoring fees so that you can easily compare the cost of systems.
  • Compare Security System Sensors and Home Automation Features – Further narrow down your choice of affordable home security systems by seeing which ones offer the sensors and functionality you need.

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Hopefully, that helps you navigate and find the best affordable home security resources that we’ve put together.   If you want to join us in our endeavor to stay safe, you can sign up below.

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